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Taught by Nicole Nichols and Guest Faculty                          Begins January 12

utkatasana assist Curious about Republic of Yoga’s 5-star rated vinyasa based teacher training? This Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Registered program merges the fundamentals of traditional Hatha Yoga techniques and philosophy with Tibetan Buddhist principles. Our program is designed to immerse you in the study of yoga while enriching your practice and providing the tools needed to teach safe and creative yoga classes. Don’t want to be a yoga teacher, but do want to learn? Great! This course is for those who aspire to deepen their knowledge of Hatha Yoga and learn not only what it is, but also how and why the practice is valuable beyond the physical experience of asana, and how it can contribute to happy, balanced and integrated lives. Curriculum is focused on the subtle body (chakras, channels and prana), anatomy and physiology specific to yoga, yoga assists, restorative yoga, asana sequencing, philosophy, mantra, Sanskrit and meditation to make this course a comprehensive and transformative experience, inside and out.  Read full details

with Nicole Nichols                                              Saturday, December 16      2:00-4:30pm

roots of awakening photoMuladhara chakra, or root place, is often disregarded as the “lowest” chakra, but in fact, it is the most important one. It is the very foundation of the energy body, and foundation is the most important part of any structure. In Hatha Yoga, we focus on this because with a steady foundation, it is easy to create the rest. The Hatha Yoga practice is about balance, and when we are in a balanced state it is easy to support our life and uplift the lives of others. Without a steady foundation, daily life can be a quickly shifting landscape that is easily toppled, shaken, and prone to anxiety, depression, ups and downs. Join Nicole Nichols and explore this chakra through a physical practice of grounding and balancing poses, to build strong roots for the rest of our practice and our daily lives. We’ll also examine the foundational relationships that are associated with this chakra–those with our parents, money, our career, boss, and even our home. From stability comes freedom, and with freedom, anything is possible! $40 Register

with Hollie Sue Mann                Sunday, December 17    1:30-3:30pm

268[1]Join Hollie Sue Mann for a class that brings together the best of ancient yoga philosophy and modern practice in an exploration of how we experience this hectic time of the year with real joy and deep peace. In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali gives three basic steps to a healthier way of being. This method is called Kriya Yoga. It involves: 1) tapas (heat, or desire), 2) svadhyaya (self-knowledge, or reflection), 3) ishvara pranidhanani (devotion, or offering). To put it another way, your practice should have some spark to it, maintain a connection to the life you are living right now, and approached in a sacred manner. This workshop will bring these teachings together in way that makes the holidays AND your yoga: Hot, Hip, and Holy! All levels vinyasa practice. $35 Register

with Prarna Desai                       Monday, January 1    3:00-5:00pm

265[1]Join Prarna Desai for a restorative yoga practice to help you ease into the New Year with clarity and focus. Through waves of gentle movement, stillness, breath work, and chanting we will let go of the excitement, flurry, and doing that may have accompanied the holiday season or the year we just closed. Engaging in a practice which allows the comfort of being deeply centered while transitioning to 2018, come and be guided to deeply listen to your own intuition for a Sankalpa, or intention, for the year. What is your heart’s desire? All are welcome. $35 Register

with Ronen Divon                      Saturday, January 6    1:30-3:30pm

151[1]Pranayama is often translated as “extension of the life-force,” with life-force being commonly expressed as breath. It is an ancient yogic practice.

Breath is readily available to us anytime, everywhere. One can practice helpful breathing techniques while driving, sitting at an office meeting, waiting to board a flight, and of course, during meditation and yoga practices. In this two-hour workshop Ronen will guide participants to explore a host of breathing techniques, which may be applied to anything from yoga and meditation practices to everyday situations. No previous experience with pranayama is needed, all are welcome. Please dress comfortably. $35

It is recommended not to eat at least one hour before the workshop. Please refrain from using strong perfume or deodorant.

About Ronen:
A seasoned E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance® Instructor, Ronen has been teaching Yoga and Meditation since 2005. In addition to Yoga, Ronen continues to explore and practice various spiritual paths and philosophies, including the Tao, Tai Chi and Qigong, and South American traditions.
His classes empahsize relaxation and elongation, as well as breathing techniques. The classes and workshops Ronen offers include classic yogic asanas, as well as short yoga flow sequences. Ronen’s Yin Yoga sessions focus primarily on work that is more internal in nature; discovering the deeper aspects of the practice. “My aim,” explains Ronen, “is the individual’s personal exploration of the body, mind and soul.” Ronen is very approachable. If you have any questions, you may reach him via social media, or visit

with Lisa Mc Caskill & Dante Baker             Friday, January 12     6:30-8:00pm

singing bowls Join Lisa McCaskill with special guest Dante Baker, for a Friday night treat–90 minutes of candlelit restorative yoga with a Crystal and Tibetan singing bowl sound bath played throughout the entire practice by Dante. Discover the powerful and healing effects of singing bowls, and experience sounds that will re-harmonize the entire body. Allow the vibrations to soothe the mind, clear any blockages within the body and guide you into the present moment. Aaahh…

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring an eye pillow if desired. All other props will be provided. Open to all! $20

with Alisha Nissenfeld and Jules Zoetmulder      Saturday, February 17    1:30-4:30pm

parachutesDo vision boards really work? You bet they do, but maybe not for the reasons you think. Vision boards are powerful tools that allow you to set an intention and visualize your goals. They allow you to welcome in what you want in your life and understand what you don’t want. Vision boards are created without the thought constraints that often keep us stuck in old familiar patterns. Join Alisha and Jules and get ready to live your best life–they have created a process and environment that will empower your authentic vision to be realized.

What to expect from the workshop:

• Experience individual pre-workshop personalized coaching with Jules Zoetmulder, a Certified Bulletproof Coach.

• Experience yoga asana intentionally sequenced by Alisha Nissenfeld to open the energy channels of the body that stimulate
stability, creativity, dedication, action from a place of clarity and integrity.

• Guided meditation and journaling to center yourself, settle and open your minds so your true self can be liberated and celebrated.

• Learn what thoughts and behaviors may be holding you back from your dreams.

• Engage in an deliberate exploratory process to bring forth a mindset of abundance.

• Enjoy the opportunity to strengthen your resolve by sharing your vision within a small group in a safe and supportive environment.

• Learn the superpowers behind using your vision board to manifest your dreams quickly.

All base materials will be provided for you (board, glue, magazines, scissors). Please bring any personal photos, favorite magazines, or a personal journal. $108

*Please register before February 5 to guarantee time for your personal pre-workshop coaching call. Class size is limited to
12 students.