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Taught by Nicole Nichols and Guest Faculty                          Begins January 12

utkatasana assist Curious about Republic of Yoga’s 5-star rated vinyasa based teacher training? This Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Registered program merges the fundamentals of traditional Hatha Yoga techniques and philosophy with Tibetan Buddhist principles. Our program is designed to immerse you in the study of yoga while enriching your practice and providing the tools needed to teach safe and creative yoga classes. Don’t want to be a yoga teacher, but do want to learn? Great! This course is for those who aspire to deepen their knowledge of Hatha Yoga and learn not only what it is, but also how and why the practice is valuable beyond the physical experience of asana, and how it can contribute to happy, balanced and integrated lives. Curriculum is focused on the subtle body (chakras, channels and prana), anatomy and physiology specific to yoga, yoga assists, restorative yoga, asana sequencing, philosophy, mantra, Sanskrit and meditation to make this course a comprehensive and transformative experience, inside and out. Join Nicole Nichols to discuss the course, with time for Q&A in this free 60-minute information session about our 2018 training that begins on January 12, 2018. Read full details

A 3-part series with Cristina Lincoln         Next session: Saturday, October 14     2:30-4:30pm

9[1]Are you new to yoga or want to revisit and clarify basic alignment principles? Are you working with an injury or tightness that creates challenges for everyday life or your practice? Do you experience pain in your body? Do you want to feel yoga poses open up in a whole new way? If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, this workshop series is for you! Join Cristina Lincoln and establish solid roots, strengthen your trunk and enlighten your crown. Proper alignment is essential to avoid the risk of injury and establish a solid foundation for your practice. With awareness of healthy alignment, we can find greater comfort and experience ease in the body. Once the body finds ease, we can to explore the benefits of more subtle practices like pranayama (yogic breathing) and meditation. Come learn what to do when knees hurt, hips get funky, lower back gets stiff, tension headaches threaten, shoulders get tight or wrists hurt–we will learn tools to bring relief. You will leave feeling empowered with key information about how to help keep your body safe whether you are practicing in a class or on your own. Our time together will include discussion, demonstration and practice to skillfully the body for increased strength, stability and comfort in the following areas: I. Deepen Your ROOTS – Sunday, September 17 1:30-3:30PM “From strong roots beautiful leaves will grow.” In this section we will explore how to set clear foundations in the feet and hands, and how those foundations will set the stage for building the muscle strength necessary to create healthy joints. ● Feet/hand placement and alignment ● Healthy Joints : muscles and actions supporting ankles, knees, wrists & elbows ● Lower Body: feet, ankles, knees & upper legs II. Strengthen Your TRUNK – Saturday, October 14 2:30-4:30PM For trees to be flexible in the wind and for branches to extend, their roots need to be deep and strong and their trunks must be somewhat flexible or they will either fall over or snap. Our midsection is a complex space. In this section we will delve into the proper alignment of the pelvis, spine, and torso as well as proper engagement of our pelvic floor, core and upper torso muscles. This will lead to striking the right amount of effort and surrender necessary to find more ease in the shapes and reap the full advantage of yoga as medicine through our breath. ● Hip alignment ● Healthy Spine: muscles and actions supporting all areas of the torso: hips, lower back, ribs and upper back III. Enlighten Your CROWN – Saturday, November 18 2:30-4:30PM With steady roots and a supported yet flexible trunk what would it feel like to find such ease in every pose where we could soak up the rays of The Divine? Will we shine from within and share our innate beauty and uniqueness through the color of our leaves for all the world to see? Find out how to relieve tension in our shoulders, neck and head during this last section. Where should my shoulders be? Where in the world should I be looking? ● Upper Body Alignment: shoulders, neck and head ● Restorative poses to calm the nervous system ● Short yoga nidra * Cristina has a passion for anatomy of the body and using movement from different practices to find optimal health and ease. She has over 10 years of experience in yoga as well as different therapeutic modalities including work in physical therapy as well as chiropractic settings. This workshop is appropriate for all levels. $35 for individual sessions, $90 for the full series. Please email to request the full series, and we will discount your registration! Register

with Nicole Nichols and Alisha Nissenfeld        Tuesday, October 17     5:45-7:15pm

alishaandgongThis special class features chanting, meditation, and a slow-flow vinyasa practice, culminating in a 20-minute extended savasana with a gong bath played live by Alisha Nissenfeld. Of all the instruments used in sound healing, the Gong is perhaps the most powerful, and the most mysterious. Gong Meditations, also called Gong Baths, are deeply nourishing and restorative. Through the intense vibrations of the sound, the body and mind are able to relax and surrender to the healing energies of the Gong. The Gong vibrates at the same frequency as the body, allowing students to experience deep healing on all levels of being as vibrations pass over and through them–leaving them feeling balanced, peaceful, and light. During this healing and rejuvenating experience, you will relax comfortably with bolsters and blankets to enjoy the experience of vibrations washing over you! Aaahhh…

All are welcome; regular class pricing applies. We recommend that you reserve your spot in advance.

with Alisha Nissenfeld                                       Sunday, October 15    1:30-4:30pm

Alisha Self Practice_2 Whether you are new to yoga, or have been practicing for years, join Alisha Nissenfeld on a journey to develop or advance your yoga practice either in classes or at home, and learn how to redirect energy of everyday life to look inward. In this 3-hour workshop you will: Learn how to honestly and truthfully listen to the teacher within and feel what you need. Through the practice of Self-Love, you will be taught how to intelligently create a practice that progresses over time. Learn how to safely and confidently give yourself enhancements/assists to find space and length. Learn how to begin or fine-tune a meditation practice through the direct path of The Koshas or “Sheaths” of meditation: Physical Body, Breath Body, Mind Body, Wisdom, and Bliss Body. Come with an open mind, and leave feeling like you have the tools necessary to deepen your practice, both on and off the mat, at home, or in studio classes. All are welcome! $45 Register

with Micha Federico and Miriam Anderson     Saturday, October 21    2:00-4:30pm

partneryogaPartner Yoga is a healing art that teaches the fundamental value of joining and sharing with others. It is with this practice that we can become more authentic and empowered through our willingness to open and connect with the world around us. Allow experienced teachers Micha Federico and Miriam Anderson to guide you through a sequence of poses which will offer a deeply supported stretch and balance. Individuals will use body mechanics and alignment to create stable and balanced poses as a team, all while enhancing the friendship, trust, and gratitude you share with your partner. Inviting a partner into your practice and building poses together can help you move beyond self-limiting ideas about what you can or cannot do. This workshop is fun for all, previous Yoga experience is not required! Invite a friend to explore this dynamic class for a creative, fun and challenging experience where confidence will be the lasting effect. Class size is limited–please register early. $35 per individual. Register

with Nicole Nichols and Guest Faculty                          Saturday, October 21    3:00 – 4:00pm

ttwithborderJoin studio founder Nicole Nichols and learn about our upcoming 200-Hour Teacher Training, which starts on January 12, 2018. There will be time for Q&A. Registration is now open with Early Bird pricing specials! Installment payment plans are available. Register Read full details

with Nicole Nichols                 Sunday, October 22    1:30-3:30pm

MarinaAre you wishing you could be one of those yogis who effortlessly floats up into a handstand, but secretly terrified of falling? This workshop is for you! Safely explore the primary inversions—hand stand, forearm stand, head stand, and shoulder stand. Join Nicole Nichols for a practice geared to help you overcome the fear and disorientation that often accompany inversion practice, and start enjoying the benefits of turning your world upside down on purpose–it’s fun! Everyone will have a space to work at the wall; we’ll learn alignment principles and balance and strength-building techniques to develop a steady and joyful inversion practice. All are welcome, especially beginners, and experienced practitioners will learn advanced techniques. $35 Register

with Zora Savage                                   Saturday, October 28    2:30-4:30pm

the-magnificent-7-19601They are called ‘The Magnificent Seven’– the seven headstands of Ashtanga Intermediate Series. Join ROY’s resident Ashtanga yogi, Zora Savage, and learn three open-hand and four bound headstands with their transitions, safely and methodologically. This sequence will build your shoulder strength, stability and endurance and prepare you for more advanced balancing postures. Regular headstand practice calms the mind, regulates the breath, cleanses the lymphatic system, stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, improves digestion, increases focus and more. This class is for those who have a strong inversion practice, and are looking to expand it. Please bring your phone/camera and be prepared to practice–upside down! $35 Register

with Keegan White                             Sunday, October 29    2:00-4:00pm

KeeganThink about every decision you have talked yourself out of, every risk you avoided taking, every story you have created to prevent yourself from experiencing love or even every yoga pose you talked yourself out of trying. Think of the missed connections, missed opportunities, and missed experiences all because of the little voice in your head telling you not to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk. Somewhere along the line of growing up, our minds starting telling us it is better to play it safe than to take a risk. This translates to self-sabotage and holds us back from creating the life we truly deserve and envision for ourselves. Join Keegan White, Empowerment Coach and E-RYT 500 yoga teacher, for an interactive workshop to learn how to overcome destructive patterns so that you can live the life you have been dreaming about. In this workshop you will: Identify your own stories and thought patterns that are holding you back Learn the difference between healthy fear and irrational fear (note 85% of the fear we experience is irrational and won’t ever happen) Learn strategies to overcome sabotaging patterns so that you can have the kickass life that you have been dreaming about All are welcome! Mostly discussion with some asana and meditation. Please bring a journal. $35 Register

with Nicole Nichols and Guest Faculty                          Thursday, November 2    7:30 -8:30pm

ttwithborderJoin studio founder Nicole Nichols and learn about our upcoming 200-Hour Teacher Training, which starts on January 12, 2018. There will be time for Q&A. Registration is now open with Early Bird pricing specials! Installment payment plans are available. Register Read full details

with Keri Marino                                Saturday, November 4     1:30-4:00pm

anxietyanddepressionDepression and Anxiety affect some 350 million people around the world. Yoga offers many tools and resources that may help you to work with depression and anxiety to decrease the suffering related to it. Join Keri Marino and explore methods of practice that you can easily do at home or integrate in your daily life. Whether interested in learning more for yourself or for someone you love, come prepared to study pranayama, mindfulness, meditation, asana (postures) and philosophy. $40 Register

with Keri Marino and Tammy De Mirza         Sunday, November 5    1:30-3:30pm

keriandmomIn this workshop led by Keri Marino and Tammy De Mirza you’ll have a chance to look more consciously at your relationships from the past, present and future. Our bodies store trauma and stress from past experiences that influence the way we feel about our present relationships and lead to the future experiences we have. Each of us has a powerful spiritual self that can learn how to let go of old wounds, live more mindfully in the present and consciously set intentions for our future, in order to build a happy and fulfilled life. In this workshop come experience a yoga practice led by Keri to help to clear trauma and stress while connecting you with your Highest Self. Tammy will then guide you to an awareness of how to gain a greater understanding of the real purpose of your significant relationships, and how to navigate them more authentically. This will be followed by a guided relaxation and meditation to ease you back into your life peacefully. All are welcome! $35 Register

with Alisha Nissenfeld and Jules Zoetmulder            Sunday, November 12    1:30-4:30pm

parachutesDo vision boards really work? You bet they do, but maybe not for the reasons you think. Vision boards are powerful tools that allow you to set an intention and visualize your goals. They allow you to welcome in what you want in your life and understand what you don’t want. Vision boards are created without the thought constraints that often keep us stuck in old familiar patterns. Join Alisha and Jules and get ready to live your best life–they have created a process and environment that will empower your authentic vision to be realized. What to expect from the workshop: • Experience individual pre-workshop personalized coaching with Jules Zoetmulder, a Certified Bulletproof Coach. • Experience yoga asana intentionally sequenced by Alisha Nissenfeld to open the energy channels of the body that stimulate stability, creativity, dedication, action from a place of clarity and integrity. • Guided meditation and journaling to center yourself, settle and open your minds so your true self can be liberated and celebrated. • Learn what thoughts and behaviors may be holding you back from your dreams. • Engage in an deliberate exploratory process to bring forth a mindset of abundance. • Enjoy the opportunity to strengthen your resolve by sharing your vision within a small group in a safe and supportive environment. • Learn the superpowers behind using your vision board to manifest your dreams quickly. All base materials will be provided for you (board, glue, magazines, scissors). Please bring any personal photos, favorite magazines, or a personal journal. $108 *Please register before November 5 to guarantee time for your personal pre-workshop coaching call. Class size is limited to 12 students. Register

with Nicole Nichols and Guest Faculty                          WEDNESDAY,  NOVEMBER 15    7:30 -8:30pm

ttwithborderJoin studio founder Nicole Nichols and learn about our upcoming 200-Hour Teacher Training, which starts on January 12, 2018. There will be time for Q&A. Registration is now open with Early Bird pricing specials! Installment payment plans are available. Register Read full details

with Nicole Nichols                            Thursday, November 23    9:00-10:30am

thanksgivingJoin Nicole Nichols and get your holiday started with a juicy vinyasa flow class geared for all levels and concluding with a gratitude meditation. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Regular class pricing applies. Register

with Lisa McCaskill                           Friday, November 24    6:15-7:30pm

candlelight-yogaJoin Lisa McCaskill and recharge your battery on Black Friday with a soothing restorative yoga class to calm the nervous system and heal the body from the inside out. Offering time and patience in one’s practice is medicine to relieve the effects of what is often a rather stressful day for many. With ample props for support, long holds in each posture, guided imagery and soothing sounds, this class will offer each practitioner the space to deeply relax after the holiday. Enjoy! Regular class pricing applies. Please reserve your spot early, as this class sells out! Register

with Nicole Nichols and Guest Faculty                          Monday, December 4    7:30 -8:30pm

ttwithborderJoin studio founder Nicole Nichols and learn about our upcoming 200-Hour Teacher Training, which starts on January 12, 2018. There will be time for Q&A. Registration is now open with Early Bird pricing specials! Installment payment plans are available. Register Read full details